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Cape Dermatology - Clinic procedures

A Journey Of Aspiration

The Cosmetic Dermatology Centre

Leaders in their field of cosmetic dermatology & laser technology

The Cosmetic Dermatology Centre is a global catalyst in the dermatology & laser therapy arena.

Step-by-step ferociously we strive to be uncompromising in quality, future-forward in laser and aesthetic technology and futuristic in global trends.

Rich in experience and expertise, our unwavering determination to master the art of cosmetic dermatology & laser technology requires only one aspect, a relentless pursuit of absolute excellence.

What Separates Us from any other cosmetic practice or laser clinic??
Specialization & years of experience backed by science

CDC’s wealth of knowledge and immeasurable constant global presence is at the front-line of innovation, technology and science.

Our Priority Is Our Patients

Whatever we conduct we execute with a unique approach to recalibrate our patients experience with a singular focus on continuous results.

The Cosmetic Dermatology Centre - CDC’s wealth of knowledge
The Cosmetic Dermatology Centre - Innovation, technology and science
Cape Dermatology - PROCEDURES
Cape Dermatology - PROCEDURES


Cape Dermatology - Youthful
Cape Dermatology - Youth


Cape Dermatology - SKIN-CONCERNS
Cape Dermatology - Skin concerns

Skin Concerns