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The VBeam is specifically designed to soothe redness of the skin due to dilated blood vessels in your nose, cheeks, chin, or other parts of your face.  This includes, but is not limited to, the redness produced by Rosacea.

It is a pulsed dye laser that uses laser energy to deliver pulses and a dye to generate laser beams of different colours. Since the VBeam is used to treat dilated blood vessels, as in Rosacea, it is often called a vascular laser.

The vascular laser targets the Hemoglobin – the red protein in blood cells in the blood vessels. Skin cells that surround the dilated blood vessels, however, are not damaged.

The VBeam is also good for removing angiomas – small red clumps of blood vessels. Red birthmarks, called port wine stains, can be treated with the VBeam, as can stubborn warts, scars, bruises and sun damage on the neck and chest. The heat from the laser energy, stimulates collagen production and circulation under the eye area.

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