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This innovative treatment is designed to improve skin quality of the neck and décolleté area. HA (Hyaluronic Acid) is administered to the skin by means of a digital injector system that enables a multi fine needle to deliver the product to the middle layers of the dermis. This smoothes the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

It increases hydration, firmness and the elasticity of your skin. It also smoothes the skin by improving its texture.

The product lasts for 6-9 months, however, thereafter it reverts to an improved baseline due to fibroblast stimulation. Regular treatments can be done every 6-9 months.

Prior to treatment:

The week before receiving fillers, it is advisable to avoid certain foods due to the fact that they may increase your bleeding time and accentuate bruising – a diet list is given after consultation.

Please also be aware of the following as it can influence the treatment:

  • Any current sinus problems or in the preceding month.
  • Any dental/oral hygienist procedures (drilling, descaling etc.) done or planned in the month before or after the procedure
  • Any skin inflammation present, for example, acne, eczema, rosacea etc.
  • Avoid the following for the next month as it will disrupt the skin’s barrier function – any skin treatments (facials etc.), laser treatments, needling, threading or waxing
  • Avoid having any form of surgery/vaccinations three months before or after procedure

All of the above could affect the treatment due to blood-borne bacteria that may induce biofilms. These may then manifest as delayed onset inflammatory lumps under the skin. Please, therefore, inform us preferably a week prior to the treatment if any of the above applies to you. This will prevent cancellation of your treatment date.

Before treatment

A topical anaesthetic is applied an hour prior to the procedure.

During treatment

An injector system applies suction to the skin followed by mild pricks.

Post treatment

  •  Due to the vascularity of the neck area, bruising may occur.
  • Bruising can be treated with PDL (pulse dye laser) to shorten the duration, but should preferably be done within the first 48 hours of the treatment.
  • You may return to your normal diet immediately after the procedure.
  • Avoid unsterile make-up/facial products for 24 hours.
  • Post treatment checklist is given after the treatment.

Synergism of Mini Fraxel and Refirm treatment

Mini Fraxel covers 5% of the skin’s surface, thereby softening subcutaneous tissues. This prepares the skin for the Refirm treatment as the tissues will absorb more of the HA. The above synergism ensures optimal results for a firmer and line-free neck/décolleté.

It is advised that a Mini Fraxel must be done a month prior to Refirm.

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