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CDC - Skinceuticals

SkinCeuticals is a leading USA clinical skincare company founded by Dermatologist, Dr Sheldon Pinnell in 1997.

Skin Ceuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector

Is a sun-safe pigmentation inhibitor, designed to suppress and treat pigmentation AM and/or PM.

It can be used in conjunction with prescription bleaching cream. One pump is one facial application.

Skin Ceuticals Age Eye Complex

Combats ageing of the tender eye area, improves dark circles and reduces puffiness.

Skin Ceuticals Age Interrupter

Is a mature skin treatment to help reverse the breakdown of collagen caused by advanced glycation end products.

This rich daily moisturiser offers comfort, increased hydration and improved elasticity.

Skin Ceuticals Blemish & Age Serum

Was developed for patients starting to show ageing, but also struggle with acne-prone skin.

Blemish and age will address both skin concerns simultaneously.

Start with only applying the serum at night under your moisturiser.

Skin Ceuticals CE Ferulic

Is a highly potent, daily antioxidant to combat free radical damage.

The serum is applied with a dropper directly onto the skin in the morning before the moisturiser.

Ideal for dry skins or patients with general skin concerns.

Skin Ceuticals Daily Moisture

This light textured, pore-refining moisturiser fights the early signs of ageing without rich ingredients that can make patients prone to acne break-out.

Apply morning and evening.

Skin Ceuticals Hydrating B5

Hydrating B5 combines hyaluronic acid, which deeply hydrates the skin, and Vitamin B5 which boosts skin’s metabolism, to offer skin comfort to dehydrated skins can be applied as a serum under moisturiser or on its own as a moisturiser.

Skin Ceuticals Metacell Renewal B3

Is a multi-faceted moisturiser for people on the go.

It aims to target pigmentation, fine lines, dehydration, occasional acne, rosacea and sallowness.

Apply twice daily by dispersing only 1 pump per application.

Perfect for patients starting to show aging, but is too young for rich anti-ageing creams.

Skin Ceuticals Phloretin CF

Is a highly potent, daily antioxidant specifically designed for patients struggling with pigmentation or skin concerns.

The light, watery texture is preferred for those with oily skins.

Apply directly onto the skin in the morning before moisturiser.

Skin Ceuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50

This velvety, water resistant sunblock offers strong UVA and UVB protection.

Zinc and Titatium Dioxide is delivered in a micro-fine molecule, greatly reducing any white residue, oiliness or stickiness. Ideal for patients struggling with heat induced hyperpigmentation.

Skin Ceuticals Phyto Corrective

Is the “green ambulance” to relieve any redness on the skin, be it acne, rosacea, inflammation, irritation or sunburn.

This serum is both soothing and sanitising.

Apply twice daily to areas of redness.

Skin Ceuticals Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a potent healing antioxidant applied only at night.

This first-of-its-kind, pure and stable concentration for resveratrol repairs damaged skin and restores skin health.

Ideal to improve aggressive rosacea.

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