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Runaway Hair 

Let’s get down to business, the hairy type. The experience of one, who has been on both sides of the therapist bed, is here to give you the lowdown of Laser Hair Removal.

The hype will never stop when it comes to Laser and the reasons are obvious. EVERYONE and ANYONE can do this treatment! All skin types, all genders and all areas can be treated. Why not get rid of unwanted hair and enjoy an easy, simple, and smoother life?

The most important thing to understand, is how it actually works? What is the science behind it, or the biology within the skin?  This might be the boring part of the lowdown, but once we understand it – life just makes more sense.

Laser is a concentrated beam of light that gets absorbed by a target (chromophore), in this case it can be the colour of the hair OR the colour of the blood capillaries that is feeding the hair bulb. This will depend on the type of Laser we are working with. The light energy is converted into heat energy which will damage the hair bulb or the little house that the hair grows in. In return, after a few sessions the hair will grow back softer, finer, lighter, and less. 

What to do before the treatment and what to expect during the treatment – The area must preferably be shaved 2-3 days prior to the treatment. We do need the hair to all be in the same hair growth stage and a certain length above the skin. If you don’t want to shave, you can trim the area and we’ll do the rest for you. No waxing, threading, or plucking before or in between the sessions. Remember to inform your therapist if you are taking any chronic medication or if you have any health issues.

During the treatment the therapist will explain everything to you step by step. He/she will tell you how to lie down on the bed and what to do with your body. The area will be cleaned, assessed and the cooling process will start, followed by the Laser. Directly after the treatment, a calming and soothing cream will be applied to the area. It might feel slightly sensitive for a few hours after the treatment, have a “hives” appearance or be red and slightly swollen. All of this is very normal and will subside after a short while.

What about the don’ts? We will advise you not to exercise, take hot baths, use swimming pools or saunas for 24hours after the treatment. No fragranced creams, deodorants and perfumes can be applied to the area, also for 24hours. You are welcome to shave the area after 48hours if you feel you want to. The hair will take a few days to fall out, or some might need a second laser treatment before this begins happening.

But is it painless? No. We are injuring a tiny hair bulb within your skin, it is quite normal to feel something – preferably we want you to feel something. There is some good news, the main thing you should feel is the cooling system. Other than that, a slight prick or pinch in the area that gets treated, followed by some heat. The cooling system consist of cold air blowing against the treatment area and each laser shot is followed by a cryogen shot (A burst of very low temperatures). Just keep that cooling going and you’ll be a-okay!

Very important to know is that Laser Hair Removal will not be a once of thing or a quick fix. This will have to be a every 4 – 6 weeks commitment and eventually you’ll go over onto a maintenance cycle of every 3 – 5 months. It is difficult to say how may treatments one will need, because every person is different and react differently. Normally we suggest 8 – 10 treatments and then the maintenance treatments. A spike in the hair growth may occur due to a fluctuation in hormones or other factors, this will be discussed with you by your therapist.

Of course, we have an ongoing boxing match between the two biggest rivals. Our top two competitors as always are – Laser and Waxing. Both have great benefits, but the proof lies in the pudding. What will be more beneficial for the LONG run? As we know, Laser Hair Removal damages the hair bulbs with each treatment, so the hair will eventually stop growing back. With waxing the hair gets pulled out of the skin or the hair bulb, but the bulb is not damaged. 

Less Laser Hair Removal treatments will be necessary in the long run compared to waxing. And for that reason, Laser might even be more affordable.

Another benefit is that even men struggling with folliculitis will benefit from Laser, as we are damaging the hair root that causes the ingrown hair and inflammation.

So if that is not enough to convince you to give Laser Hair Removal a try, feel free to give us a call and we can answer any other questions you might have.

Here’s looking forward to a smoother 2022!