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Dr Minke Koegelenberg

Cape Dermatology - Skin Concerns

Dr Minke Koegelenberg

Cape Dermatology - Skin Concerns

Introducing Dr Minke Koegelenberg

Dr Minke Koegelenberg is born and raised in the beautiful Warmbokkeveld (Ceres), north of Cape Town, She is the eldest of 4. As of a young age she was intrigued by the beauty of simplicity and therefore chose the world of aesthetics as her passion and her future career. Young and Dynamic, her knowledge and skillset is unsurpassed and equals world class. She is excited and determined to continue the next step at the technology and science focused-CDC, while the legacy of our doctors continues.

Dr Minke is a fellow of Dr Izolda Heydenrych and Dr Ean Smit’s. Following in their footsteps and expanding the wealth of knowledge and experience for the next generation.

Dr Minke Koegelenberg exclusively practises in Botulinum Toxin (Botox) procedures for aesthetic purposes as well as Bruxism (grinding of teeth) and Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Dr Minke performs Hyaluronic acid fillers (ISQE – Injectable skin quality enhancement) and Sclerotherapy for leg veins.

She has a passion for the younger generation and gives advice and guidance to our youth and acne patients with consultations.

The 3 preferred treatments by Dr Minke for our YOUTH

ISQE (Injectable skin quality enhancement) with Hyaluronic Acid

It is a hyaluronic acid treatment procedure that hydrates the skin and improves the quality and texture of the skin.

The procedure is done once every 6-9 months. When a patient does this treatment regularly every 6 months it leaves an accrual of 10% hyaluronic acid in your skin as it stimulates new collagen productions.

You can start with this procedure as early as the age of 20.

Botulinum Toxin (Botox)

Botox® is known for treating fine lines & wrinkles as well as stimulating collagen in your skin.

Photofacial (Intense pulsed light)

This is an excellent procedure to maintain the youthfulness of your young skin.

A factor so often overlooked as patients only realise at the age of 50 that they want to start improving their skin.

It is the most clever treatment of option for Rosacea patients.

It is a wonderful treatment for brides – wanting a beautiful skin for their big day.

how to maintain your youthfulness

Cape Dermatology - Skin Concerns


Consistency with the application of a daily antioxidant and SPF



Professional cosmetic consultation with an expert to get you on the right skin care journey.


Understand your skin

To not fall in the trap of following popular trends on social media and be wise in understanding that each patient’s skin is different.


Start Early

To start early with the appropriate skin care procedures and products

DR. Minke’s personal favourites on our online shop

Cape Dermatology - Skin Concerns

Endocare C Ferulic Edafence serum

MD Lash Factor

Tan Lab Instant tan

IS Clinical Reparative Moisture Emulsion