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The Essence of Smell

Cape Dermatology - Skin Concerns
Cape Dermatology - Skin care

Have you ever smelled a scent that brings back a memory so vivid, it is almost as if you were to relive it? From the sweet bitter smell of the first cup of coffee to the gentle aromas that reminds us of home, we are exposed to a variety of smells daily which all have an indirect effect on our mood.

Our sense of smell is the first thing to develop as new-borns and interestingly enough it has been discovered that smells are remembered for much longer than sounds, sights, feelings or taste.

Each one of us have our own personal smell which is predetermined by the same genes which determine our body’s tissue type.

To celebrate this wonderful sense, we burn candles throughout our clinic and hope that the aroma calms your inner soul and that you can feel the warmth and care we have for all our patients.

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By Maryke Myburgh