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Pigmentation….the biggest puzzle of all

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Numerous women have a daily struggle with hiding uneven skin tone or brown patches on the skin.  Only an individual with hyperpigmentation will understand the frustration of trying to cover dark spots with concealer, foundation and powder and then feeling disheartened and even embarrassed when one can still notice the patches!  A skin condition as such can deprive a person of their social life and negatively affect their work performance and confidence levels.

The first step to treat hyperpigmentation is to recognize the type of skin discolouration.

Freckles can be found on the face or body in the form of flat, circular spots which are brown in colour.  They are genetic, appear when one is young and may increase with age. Overexposure to sun will make the appearance worse and while some people spend thousands of rands on trying to remove them, they will re-occur.

Any inflammation or bruising can result in post inflammatory hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure.

If you had acne for several years you might have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which can present itself as dark marks as a result of overproduction of melanin in the area as a protective reaction to inflammation in the skin.  This type of pigmentation is very common amongst patients, especially people with olive and darker skin tone.  This can often be very difficult to treat and might require a combination of treatments under the supervision of a dermatologist.

By Maryke Myburgh