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Laser Hair Removal

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Runaway Hair 

Let’s get down to business, the hairy type. The experience of one, who has been on both sides of the therapist bed, is here to give you the lowdown of Laser Hair Removal.

The hype will never stop when it comes to Laser and the reasons are obvious. EVERYONE and ANYONE can do this treatment! All skin types, all genders and all areas can be treated. Why not get rid of unwanted hair and enjoy an easy, simple, and smoother life?

The most important thing to understand, is how it actually works? What is the science behind it, or the biology within the skin?  This might be the boring part of the lowdown, but once we understand it – life just makes more sense.

Laser is a concentrated beam of light that gets absorbed by a target (chromophore), in this case it can be the colour of the hair OR the colour of the blood capillaries that is feeding the hair bulb. This will depend on the type of Laser we are working with. The light energy is converted into heat energy which will damage the hair bulb or the little house that the hair grows in. In return, after a few sessions the hair will grow back softer, finer, lighter, and less. 

By Mollie Roux