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No Storm Lasts Forever….

No storm lasts forever….

Feeling like you haven’t really had a holiday? Or as if last year seems to be a blur, or didn’t occur? How is it possible that we are finding ourselves in the next year of the fearful times that we have experienced, felt and seen?

There is energy in all living beings. You are a beam of energy and what type of energy you transmit depends on your state of mind and your circumstances. Each of us has a responsibility towards ourselves to look after our mind, body and soul.

But in these uncertain times, we are in, we must strive to fill and surround ourselves with positive energy and spread it to the ones around us. We must always look for a positive response or optimistic lesson when we find ourselves in a dark place.

The Coronavirus is very contagious but even more so is positive energy!

May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp and peace in your heart – Eskimo proverb

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