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You Can Leave Your Hat On

You can leave your hat on

Did you know that most of the sun’s rays can cause melanoma as well as other forms of skin cancer? Even when it’s cloudy, those damaging little rays of havoc still reach your skin.

A sun hat can work as a natural barrier against these rays. The best protective sun hat to have in this day and time is the Emthunzini hat, which has built-in protection using the way the fabric is woven.

The fabric blocks ultraviolet radiation which is measured by a numerical rating, UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). Testing the UPF involves exposing the material to Ultra Violet radiation (UVR) and then measuring how much is transmitted through the fabric.

The highest UPF any product can provide is a UPF50 + to give the best protection against UV radiation. All Emthunzini hats have been tested by the Photobiology Laboratory at MEDUNSA, Carrying the SPF test certificate that demonstrates that it has undergone SPF testing procedure and meets the requirements of South African & Australia test methods on the Optometrics SPF 290 Analyser.

Most of these sun protective hats have been awarded the CANSA seal of recognition (CSOR), offering assurance that it provides protection against the harmful effect of the sun.

And what is so awesome is that most of the Emthunzini hats can be stuffed in your bag for when you’re travelling. There are so many designs and colours, you can definitely find a design that matches your style! Try one out and see the difference it can make for yourself!

Emthunzini hats are available at Cosmetic Dermatology Centre. Please send us an email on:

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