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Is My Teenager Too Young To Start With Laser Hair Reduction?

Is my teenager too young to start with laser hair reduction?

Laser hair reduction has become a very popular treatment over the years, for both male and females of various skin types. But what about all the teenagers suffering from puberty that causes dark & stubborn hair growth? Could and when can they start having this procedure done?

There is no age restriction to how old your teenager should be when they start laser hair reduction; however, there are a few important factors to consider before starting:

  1. They must have a recognized adult pattern of hair growth
  2. They must be physically and emotionally prepared to have the procedure done
  3.  They must be well informed on how the procedure works and the bit of discomfort that can be experienced during the procedure

Although starting at a younger age, it might be more of a maintenance procedure than a 70-80% hair reduction that is normally seen in adults. The reason for this is that there is still a lot of hormonal fluctuations, thus stimulating hair growth unfortunately at the same time. It will require multiple treatments to obtain desired results as there are different stages of hair growth cycles.

Safety and correct protocol are very important when it comes to having laser hair reduction done. That is why it is best to have it done professionally and with the correct laser machine that is effective.

The sudden change in hormones during puberty makes the teenage years difficult enough as it is. Your teenager doesn’t have to suffer any embarrassment of unwanted hair or have the fear of being teased by their peers.

Let them experience the results for themselves and contact Cosmetic Dermatology Centre today at 021 552 7220 to book a treatment.

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