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Youth + Prevention = Prejuvenation Is The New Kid On The Block

Youth + Prevention = Prejuvenation is the new kid on the block

Are you in your late 20’? Determined to slow down the ageing clock from ticking?

In this day and age, most Millennials and Gen-Z’s ageing are influenced by social media influencers who set the standard for youth and beauty. Prejuvenation is the mere definition of younger patients who want to prevent sun damage, wrinkle formation and optimize their skin quality and clarity.

Here at Cosmetic Dermatology Centre, we have designed the ultimate plan of action for patients aged 20 – 35 years. This plan consists of the following treatments:

Epidermal Glow

This entails removing dead epidermal cells with medical grade crystals, thereby increasing blood circulation and collagen formation. A hydrating, skin-optimizing, antioxidant cocktail concludes the procedure.

Dermal Glow

Say goodbye to photo-ageing, enlarged pores and elastosis! The innovative pulsed light treatment prevents the breakdown of collagen with studies showing that after 6-12 months there is still new collagen synthesis. This treatment stimulates blood circulation and collagen production resulting in healthier, glowing skin.


“Prevention is better than cure” as they say, and conservatively relaxing the facial muscles is an important step towards prejuvenation. Studies have proven that the use of Botulinum Toxin A keeps the skin looking younger. Treatment is suggested every 3-4 months but by loss of habit, the results could last longer.  Ideally administered from your late 20’s.


Our innovative injectable skin quality enhancement treatment improves skin hydration, firmness and smoothes skin. The results of one single treatment of Hyaluronic acid lasts 6-9 months, but thereafter it falls back to an improved baseline due to fibroblast stimulation. Regular treatments can be done every 6-9 months.

Ideally administered from the age of 30.

If you want to invest in your skin by preserving your youthfulness contact us at Cosmetic Dermatology Centre (021 552 7220) to book your consultation and get your customized prejuvenation programme.

The clock is ticking……

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