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For The Love Of Good Looking Lashes….

For the love of good looking lashes….

Do you desire fuller, longer and denser-looking lashes?

Unfortunately, dearest Mother Nature is not fair and not all of us are born with beautiful lashes. Now it’s a question of deciding between false lashes or extensions? No need for any of these!

There is a magic wand available out there containing active ingredients such as Milk protein (cytokine complex) that encourages lash growth and Biotin that supports health of cells. It is important to apply this product to upper and lower eyelids at night. Also indicated to be a good treatment for thinning brows. Results are visible in 4 weeks with 40% increase in length.

Long term use is recommended to maintain results.

By Maryke Myburgh

For more information, contact Cosmetic Dermatology Centre on 021 552 7220.

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