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Acne Woes OR Awkward Acne Animosities

Acne Woes OR Awkward Acne Animosities

It starts with a spot – and soon it becomes an unwelcome visitor…

Don’t you just hate the sensation of a pimple developing on your face?

To think: it might just grow to the size of a mountain!

Ok, that’s a bit exaggerated, but you know what I’m talking about.

Acne Facts

Where do these embarrassing spots come from and, more importantly: how can you get rid of it?

Acne typically develops when the skin’s sebaceous glands, also known as oil glands, secrete an abundant amount of oil that plugs the openings of the hair follicles.

Did you know that it takes 3 months for a pimple to form?

This can develop inflamed spots, lumps or even nodules, which can be extremely swollen and tender to the touch. Acne commonly affects people of adolescence and a quarter of all cases appear in adults.

The situation is made worse by continuously picking the skin with dirty fingers or trying to extract it yourself. Often people wait too long before asking for help and this can lead to significant scarring. Parents also regularly tend to think it is just a phase their teenagers are going through.

Apart from the unsightly appearance, it can also give your confidence a huge knock, where talking to people or even just being out in public can affect the way you perceive yourself.

Acne Answers

The best remedy is to visit a dermatologist to analyse the skin to determine the severity of the acne. According to the prognosis and severity, the following may be recommended:

• medication (such as a full or low/pulse dose), or topical medication (such as benzoyl peroxide, retinoid), a combination thereof;
• azelaic acid;
• antibiotics; or
• a contraceptive

In the case of mild acne, you can also visit a therapist at a health and skin care practice to recommend a good skincare range. It is also important to stay out of the sun during treatment and to wear an SPF 50 sunscreen regardless.

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